They Are Finally Home!

This morning after more than 16 years, the 3 remaining members of the Cuban 5 were finally freed and are now home in Cuba with their loved ones. Gerardo has now been reunited with Adriana, Ramon is back with Elizabeth and his 3 beautiful daughters and Antonio is with his mother Mirta, the 84 year old tireless inspiration of this struggle, who feared she would die before she saw her son back in Cuba. And of course they are now reunited with their 2 other brothers, Rene and Fernando. This is a moment in which everyone in the solidarity movement with Cuba can rejoice. It is also a victory for the resilient people of Cuba who never wavered in their support for the Five who were always considered heroes of the homeland.

Chronicle of an anticipated parody (3)

“It could be called the hatred parade. Out of the eleven people that answer the questionnaire, eight were Cuban, whose main concern seems to be whether to hang us or to put us in the electric chair. The oddest thing is that, by their ages and biography, they cannot even remember the neighborhood they lived in Cuba, but have learned to the letter the lessons that once and again repeats the “Cuban” Miami radio. The most original is one that says that they had to put us in a jail in Cuba. We almost jump in our seats (Yes, Yes, please Madam judge!). Another poor guy says to fear for his family in Cuba if a guilty verdict is given. The worst thing is that all Cubans seem influenced by the articles written by Rui Ferreira in the Miami Herald, warning them: “Cubans, stop the foolishness or you’ll fall out of the jury!” From René González's Blog

The Guardian: Cuba’s extraordinary global medical record shames the US blockade

If Barack Obama wants to do something worthwhile in his final years as president he could use Cuba’s role in the Ebola crisis as an opening to start to lift that blockade and wind down the US destabilisation war. The embargo can only be scrapped by congress, still stymied by the heirs of the corrupt US-backed dictatorship which Fidel Castro and Guevara overthrew. But the US president has executive scope to loosen it substantially and restore diplomatic ties. He could start by releasing the remaining three “Miami Five” Cuban intelligence agents jailed 13 years ago for spying on anti-Cuba activist groups linked to terrorism.

Chronicle of an anticipated parody (2)

December 3, 2000. Sunday: The Court building is closed, but the “justice” wheels are spinning in the Propaganda Ministry of the prosecution. El Nuevo Herald, in Rui Ferreira’s pen, gives the sound alarm. “Cuban Americans could be out of the jury,” he alerts their readers. In a nutshell: You guys are being too honest by admitting that you cannot be impartial. Put the batteries on and leave aside the scruples. René González's Blog

Gerardo: Our admiration for the Cubans who are fighting against Ebola

"Now with that extraordinary lesson of heroism that you are providing the world, we feel even more pride, and words would not suffice to express how much you strengthen us with your example. You today are our heroes! To all the comrades who are part of the Cuban medical brigades in West Africa, we express to you our immense admiration, and we ask that you take great care of yourselves. I know that someday when you’ve won that battle for the good of humanity, and when justice has been secured for the Five, we will have the opportunity to embrace each other in the homeland." A BRIDGE FROM SIERRA LEONE TO VICTORVILLE: GERARDO AND A CUBAN DOCTOR


From Rene Gonzalez's Blog: It is 14 years today, 27th Nov, since the trial commenced. As I previously reported here, a chronicle of how events unfolded during the months in question will be posted on the blog — together with the official court transcripts. Even though there was a total of 26 charges brought against us, in effect the Five of us faced three substantial charges: Three Counts of Conspiracy to Commit Espionage hung over Manuel Viramontes, Luis Medina and Antonio Guerrero. Over the five –now including Ruben Campa and Rene Gonzalez- a charge of Acting as a Foreign Agent without registering with the Attorney General added to the counts. We were all also facing what seemed like an odd accusation: Conspiracy to commit the acts that we had been accused in the first instance of committing. In other words we were facing two charges for allegedly committing one crime: one charge for committing it and one charge for conspiring to commit it.


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