Gerardo Hernández: guilty as charged? Alan Gross: innocent as claimed?

Stephen Kimber 

It should be easier to make a deal. A 65-year-old American USAID subcontractor named Alan Gross is serving 15 years in a Cuban prison for smuggling sophisticated telecommunications equipment into Cuba. Cuban officials say they’re prepared to discuss his fate without pre-conditions as a “humanitarian” gesture. But it is also clear they want to exchange him for the three members of their Cuban Five intelligence network still in prison in the United States.

There are precedents for such a swap.

The Innocence of Gerardo

Ricardo Alarcón de Quesada

It should be emphasized that, according to the universal principle of Law, a person is innocent unless and until proven otherwise and it is the obligation of the accuser to present the necessary proof or evidence to show the guilt of the accused. The Prosecution certainly faced “an insurmountable obstacle” for the simple reason that it could not show any proof against Gerardo, merely because it does not exist, nor can it exist. They lacked any evidence against him and worse still, they knew — since they possessed all his communiqués of several years with Havana, including the years before the planes’ incident —that he had had no relation whatsoever with that deed. In other words, when the Prosecution issued its Second Superseding Indictment, it was fully aware that it was accusing an innocent man and consequently was perverting justice in an unpardonable and gross manner.

Chilean Political and Social Forces Urge President Bachelet to Intercede with Obama to Demand the Extradition of the Murderer of Víctor Jara and for the Freedom of the Remaining Cuban 5

A number of political and social forces from Chile has requested President Michelle Bachelet to raise the demand to Obama for the extradition of the murderer of Víctor Jara and for the freedom of the 3 Cuban anti terrorists remaining in US prisons. The request was in a letter that was delivered to President Bachelet on June 25, 2014 and contained more than 220 signatories on behalf of the Chilean people. Included in the signers were 11 parliamentarians, 6 mayors, 112 city council members, 41 artists and intellectuals, 12 trade unions, human rights organizations and lawyers, as well as 44 Chilean citizens.

Visiting Antonio in Marianna Prison

The first thing everyone noticed was how well he looked . If not the most perfect physical health, Antonio radiated a health more firmly in his own hands, even as the 16 prison years accrue. We are healthy, first, because we believe ourselves to be and act accordingly. The quality of energy Tony projected towards us in his animated, generous sharing of significant threads of his journey was a delight to see and hear. As he spoke to us, gestures and humor, marks of his youthful personality shone through and he seemed even more “himself” to me, more relaxed and at peace than in previous visits, though he has always been positive thinking and strong and clear of mind.

Parliamentarians from Costa Rica ask Obama for a Humanitarian Solution to the Case of the Cuban 5

On June 2, 23 Parliamentarians from Costa Rica sent a letter to President Obama asking him to free Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino and Antonio Guerrero, 3 of the Five Cuban antiterrorists imprisoned in the United States for more than 15 years. In the letter they mentioned the request made by Uruguayan President José Mujica and advocate for a humanitarian solution to the case of the Cuban 5. They also urge the U.S. Government to "seriously consider a humanitarian exchange of Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero and Ramón Labañino, by the American contractor Allan Gross".

“I did what’s right and have never endangered anyone.” Interview with Ramon Labañino

How does a man succeed in overcoming great adversities? Where does one find such strength?
- Above all, when one is convinced that what he is doing is always correct, just, and legal, that one defends a humane cause, that one has never put anybody or any thing in danger, and that, on the contrary, he has sacrificed everything for the common good, for people’s lives – innocent people – then those ideas themselves lend enormous force of will and persistence against all adversities and “adversaries.” The fight is just. Victory will indeed have to be sweet.

COUNTERPUNCH: Terrorism As A Weapon Of Hegemony. The Cuban Five

Why has Cuba been the target of terrorism in all its manifestations for so long? The reason is simple. The US elite will not accept in its neighborhood, a nation which is determined to choose its own path to the future without being dictated to, or dominated by, the US. It will not tolerate a people who are committed to defending their independence and sovereignty. To put it in another way, the US drive for hegemony does not permit another nation— especially a nation with a different worldview — to preserve and enhance its dignity.


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