The worst thing that can happen to anyone in the American system of justice is to be alone. Solidarity is necessary, not to intimidate the Court. But to indicate that the world is watching and the law should be followed.”
Leonard Weinglass, US civil rights lawyer



"The five Cubans who have been imprisoned in the United States is something that is a secret from the people of the United States. So we have a very important job to do in the United States for people in the progressive movement.  And that is to make the situation known to people because I believe the American people have a basic sense of decency.  When they learn that something inhuman has happened, they react against it…



"These men are demonstrating something extraordinary that must not be missed by the rest of us: That continuing to love with depth and tenderness honors revolution at its highest success." 






“The thing with the Cuban Five is such a scandal, its hard to talk about it. The story of the Cuban Five should be familiar to all Americans, but unfortunately it is known to only a relatively few. Our aim is to change that"

Noam Chomsky




“It is an outrage that these five men continue to be unjustly imprisoned for peacefully protecting their country against terrorist attacks, while our judicial system turns a blind eye.  It is essential that the people of the United States become more aware of the profound disregard by our government for examining the facts of this case.  It is essential for the freedom of the five, but also essential for the preservation of justice for all.”


Gayle McLaughlin,Mayor of Richmond, California



“I am extremely disappointed in the Supreme Court's decision regarding the case of the Cuban Five.  I hoped that they would review the facts and provide a fair decision that would free the Cuban Five.  But now I find that, once again, some people do not get a genuine opportunity for justice. I intend to join with people and organizations all over the world to continue working for the release of the Cuban Five.”

Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton, Detroit, MI  

On March 9th, the Catholic Bishop of the Archdiocese of Detroit, Thomas J. Gumbleton visited Fernando González Llort at Oxford prison in Wisconsin.

“The Cuban Five's case proves that we have a crisis of law, a crisis of politics, and a constitutional crisis.”

Gore Vidal






"This is a travesty. These men were unarmed, not intent on any physical damage to the United States, and were motivated to protect their fellow citizens from invasion and repeated attacks by Cuban-Americans living in Florida.  And we have to ask also, just how is it that we have become a safe haven for alleged terrorists? How is it that we—the United States of America—may rate a place on our own list of states that sponsor terrorism?"

Lawrence Wilkerson, former Secretary of State Colin Powell's Chief of Staff


"The Cuban Five’s mission in Miami was a peaceful one. They were trying to put an end to the sabotage and aggression carried out by terrorist groups against Cuba from US soil. In the name of peace, I call for an end to the suffering of Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Gonzalez, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labanino and their families. They should be released immediately."

Statement from Mairead Maguire, Irish Peace Laureate

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René González Fernando González Antonio Guerrero Ramón Labañino Gerardo Hernández

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