They Are Finally Home!

This morning after more than 16 years, the 3 remaining members of the Cuban 5 were finally freed and are now home in Cuba with their loved ones. Gerardo has now been reunited with Adriana, Ramon is back with Elizabeth and his 3 beautiful daughters and Antonio is with his mother Mirta, the 84 year old tireless inspiration of this struggle, who feared she would die before she saw her son back in Cuba. And of course they are now reunited with their 2 other brothers, Rene and Fernando. This is a moment in which everyone in the solidarity movement with Cuba can rejoice. It is also a victory for the resilient people of Cuba who never wavered in their support for the Five who were always considered heroes of the homeland.


From Rene Gonzalez's Blog: It is 14 years today, 27th Nov, since the trial commenced. As I previously reported here, a chronicle of how events unfolded during the months in question will be posted on the blog — together with the official court transcripts. Even though there was a total of 26 charges brought against us, in effect the Five of us faced three substantial charges: Three Counts of Conspiracy to Commit Espionage hung over Manuel Viramontes, Luis Medina and Antonio Guerrero. Over the five –now including Ruben Campa and Rene Gonzalez- a charge of Acting as a Foreign Agent without registering with the Attorney General added to the counts. We were all also facing what seemed like an odd accusation: Conspiracy to commit the acts that we had been accused in the first instance of committing. In other words we were facing two charges for allegedly committing one crime: one charge for committing it and one charge for conspiring to commit it.

President of the University of Baltimore: Maryland delegation should petition for release of Cuban Five

One hears statements from some government officials about a willingness to begin a new era of diplomatic relations the way a new era seemed to begin in U.S.-Soviet relations with the destruction of the Berlin Wall. However, there always seems to be a roadblock erected just as the parties move forward. The current roadblock involves the imprisonment in Cuba of Maryland resident Alan Gross and the imprisonment in the United States of a group known as the Cuban Five. I believe that the Maryland delegation to Congress may hold the key to opening the prison doors for all these men and subsequently opening a new era of diplomacy for these two countries. Published in Baltimore Sun

The Supreme Court, friends of justice and the free press

At the beginning of 2009 the case of the Cuban Five was presented to the Supreme Court, after the appellate court of the 11th Circuit failed to deliver justice. To represent us we resorted to Tom Goldstein, a young and prestigious lawyer, with an extensive rate of successes before that judicial body, on which he had specialized. Tom Goldstein, who could be considered an “ace” on the Supreme Court, added another advantage to the defense: As a legal commentator for CNN, specialized on cases before the highest tribunal, he offered us the hope that at last the wall of media silence would be broken. At least that was what he, with all logic, expected. Don’t get your expectations too high –some warned him with caution and better knowledge of cause- this case is no equal to any other and the press won’t be so easily inclined to cover it. From Rene González's Blog

Gerardo Hernández: guilty as charged? Alan Gross: innocent as claimed?

Stephen Kimber is a Canadian writer, journalist and university professor, who traveled to Cuba as a tourist on the spring of 2009. His goal: To write a novel based on the geography, history and culture of the island. After learning, almost accidentally, of the connection between a trip by Gabriel Garcia Marquez to the United States and the subsequent arrest of the Cuban Five; his goal changed and the novel became “What Lies Across the Water”. It is the book which most truthful and completely covers the story of the case. It is the result of a careful and profound study of the legal documentation and of an exemplary rigor on the search for the facts. So far I haven’t known about the political affiliation of Kimber. I only know that I consider him a friend, a very honest man, and one of the most knowledgeable on the case of the Cuban Five. Based on that knowledge of the story he wrote this article. From Rene González's Blog

Coming soon: Chronicle of an announced parody

this blog will start to publish a weekly review of the events which occurred on the court room, based on the journal that during those days I wrote for my wife. At the same time, the official transcript of the trial will be published on the blog on a weekly basis, in its entirety. From Rene Gonzalez's Blog


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