They Are Finally Home!

This morning after more than 16 years, the 3 remaining members of the Cuban 5 were finally freed and are now home in Cuba with their loved ones. Gerardo has now been reunited with Adriana, Ramon is back with Elizabeth and his 3 beautiful daughters and Antonio is with his mother Mirta, the 84 year old tireless inspiration of this struggle, who feared she would die before she saw her son back in Cuba. And of course they are now reunited with their 2 other brothers, Rene and Fernando. This is a moment in which everyone in the solidarity movement with Cuba can rejoice. It is also a victory for the resilient people of Cuba who never wavered in their support for the Five who were always considered heroes of the homeland.

Cuba-U.S.: A secret history to rebuild its bridges

Preceded by book reviews in major U.S. and European media, and by notes that two weeks ago filtered their inexhaustible research, the book Back Channel to Cuba (University of North Carolina Press, 2014), by William LeoGrande and Peter Kornbluh, was presented in the Villena room of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in Havana. Cubadebate talked with LeoGrande, a professor at the American University in Washington, and Kornbluh, a researcher at the independent National Security Archives, shortly after they arrived in Havana. The dialogue revolves around what Kornbluh has characterized as an “unprecedented opportunity to illustrate the history that could pave the way for a new history” between the two countries to begin.

COUNTERPUNCH: Terror in Latin America and the Caribbean

Anniversaries in September and October – a season of sorrow in Our America – recall murder and mayhem. One asks: Can international solidarity prevent victims? Who in North America, epicenter of terrorist plotting, will take on that job? In fact, the U.S. government itself had already joined “with the terrorists” in Our America. As with earlier interventions, it did so to stop social revolution. U.S. hypocrisy was obvious: official statements expressed horror and threatened retribution, yet victims in Our America already knew the pain of terrorism at U.S. hands. The case of the Cuban Five defenders against terrorism highlighted the notion of “good terrorists” and “bad terrorists.” Apparently for U.S. prosecutors the violent thugs whom the Five were watching were acceptable terrorists, no less so than U.S. agents scheming in Guatemala and Chile.

Call for justice

ALMOST 40 years after the horrific crash of Cubana flight CU 455, renewed calls are being made for those responsible to be brought to justice. Yesterday, a wide cross-section of persons came together at the Cubana monument at Paynes Bay to remember the lives of the 73 persons whose lives were lost after a terrorist attack brought the plane down 38 years ago today. Sadly, there are still 58 bodies at the bottom of the sea. The Barbados Advocate

The Cuban 5 Present at Historic New York Climate Change March

Nearly 400,000 people took to the streets of New York City in the largest Climate March in world history on Sunday, September 21st. The chance to also introduce environmental activists to the case of the Cuban 5 was taken up by co-chairs and activists from the NNOC, Pastors for Peace, the International Committee for the Freedom of the Cuban 5 and supporters from Oklahoma, Minnesota, Massachusetts, New York and Connecticut. The group distributed nearly 2,000 flyers with the slogan, "Change U.S. Climate toward Cuba!" The banners and flyers were met with a combination of curiosity and support. A surprising number of people said they had visited Cuba. One marcher from Nova Scotia took a flyer and said he knew all about the Five because his book group had just discussed Stephen Kimber's awarding winning book "What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five."

Stephen Kimber Wins Prestigious Award for Cuban 5 Book

Stephen Kimber’s book, What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five, has won the 2014 Evelyn Richardson Award for Nonfiction at Canada’s East Coast Literary Awards. The judges described What Lies Across the Water as “a remarkable piece of investigative journalism. Kimber has unearthed a riveting story at the heart of why there is little hope of political reconciliation between Cuba and the United States — until there is justice for the Cuban Five.” The book was previously long-listed for the Libris Award as Nonfiction Book of the Year in Canada.


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