Statement by Josefina Vidal Ferriero, head of the USA Desk at the Cuban Foreign Ministry

The Cuban government reiterates its willingness to seek, in conjunction with the US government, a solution to the case of Mr. Gross, acceptable to both parties, that addresses Cuba’s humanitarian concerns related to the three Cubans (of the Cuban Five) that continue unjustly imprisoned in the US for over 15 years.

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The Cuban 5: Obama is in the wrong side of the history

The test for leaders like President Obama is not to avoid inheriting such scandals. No, the test is whether they right them when they have the chance. Failure to do so leaves administrations such as his open to accusations of complicity in injustice and at the moment, President Obama has failed to act as only he now can. Maybe when the International Commission’s report is filed it will help him to realise that if his style as President is ever to be matched by substance then it’s time to free the Cuban 5. Or, as European Parliament Vice President Miguel Angel Martinez told the Commission, ‘President Obama, yes you can’!

Global Exchange's 2014 People’s Choice Award for the Cuban Five

The Cuban Five are heroes to the Cuban people, well known to many around the globe, but to most in the United States, their case is unknown. Their capture, detention, trials, and sentencing has been widely criticized, including calls for their release by eight international Nobel Prize winners and Amnesty International. Selection of the People’s Choice Honoree was based on the following evaluation criteria: The number of votes from the public each candidate receives; Evidence of contribution to human rights struggles and; Demonstration that the People’s Choice Award honor will strengthen and advance the candidate’s efforts and work.

Sandra Levinson, Executive Director of the Center for Cuban Studies in New York, Sends a Letter to Obama

I write you today to urge that you look at the case of the three Cubans still held hostage to our outworn and dangerous foreign policy towards Cuba. I understand far too well the urgency that led the Cuban government to send these very brave men to infiltrate the Cuban exile terrorist organizations. "Terrorist" is not too strong a word to describe the groups these men infiltrated in Miami. For decades they have ignored the laws of the United States which gave them new lives and protection. These groups were left alone by U.S. authorities to carry out a war against both Cuba and these with whom they disagree on U.S. territory. Many of them were U.S. citizens. I am one of these victimize by them.

Words of Fernando at the Cuban National Assembly session

To the Cuban people, who are represented here by all of you, is not only the gratitude of ourselves and of our families for the support and solidarity manifested during all these years, but also thanks for the countless displays of affection and respect that we have received since our return to the country, spontaneous acts, full of patriotism and Cuban identity, heartfelt expressions of happiness for our return and of a determination to continue struggling to win the return of Gerardo, Ramón and Antonio.

Kcho: Art against Injustice

The National Museum of fine Arts will son exhibit the installation: No agradezcan el silencio (Do not thank the silence), by the famed Cuban artist Alexys Leyva Machado known worldwide as Kcho. The experience came from the experience lived by the Cuban Five Heroes in the Special House Unit known as The Hole in the Federal Detention Center in Miami, where they were for 17 months, despite the regulations for prisoners in the United States (U.S.) reduces to 60 days the maximum time of punishment.


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