Danny Glover speaks on the 12th anniversary of the arrest of the Cuban Five

On the 12th anniversary of the arrest of the Cuban 5. Danny Glover speaks of his visit with Gerardo Hernández and the unjust imprisonment of the Cuban 5.

The Bird and the Prisoner (Subtitles)

Gerardo Hernandez is one of the internationally known "Cuban 5" He is unjustly serving two life sentences in US prison for defending his country Cuba against terrorism. These 5 men were monitoring Cuban American terrorist groups in Miami in order to report their planned threats back to Cuba. Previous and current US administrations have tolerated the activities of these violent groups since 1959, and as a result, more than 3,400 Cubans have died.

Alice Walker and the Cuban 5 - Los Cinco Cubanos

A talk given by writer Alice Walker, at La Peña Cultural Center, August 6th, 2009 at the opening of an exhibit of original paintings of Antonio Guerrero, one of the Cuban Five Political Prisoners Held in U.S. Prisons

Una presentación de la escritora estadounidense Alice Walker, en El Centro Cultural La Peña, el 6 de Agosto de 2009, durante la inauguración de una muestra de pinturas originales de Antonio Guerrero, uno de los Cinco Cubanos Presos Políticos en los Estados Unidos.


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